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At Custom Built Vivariums we strive for perfection and no product would leave our premises that we would not be happy housing our own exotic animals.
Our vivariums are not the cheapest around but they are hand built with quality materials unlike some of the less expensive alternatives that are available. Each vivarium is built to your specifications with quality and satisfaction guaranteed.
All of our vivariums are hand built and are made from high quality, hard wearing mdf laminated boards including the backs. We are not limited to mdf boards and can build vivs with a wood of your choice. They are built with no unsightly joins on the main body of the viv giving a stylish and sleek finish.  Toughened glass is used ensuring the safety of your pets and those around them and all vivariums are well ventilated as standard.
  With proper care and maintenance these vivs will last for years to come and give your pets a home they will thrive in.
Our services to you include, but are not limited to:
  • Build of customised vivariums
  • Heat and light solutions
  • Full internal set up for your pets
  • Inbuilt storage facilities
  • Planning and design
  • Full aftercare and advice

Price Guide and Shipping

We do not have a set price list for vivariums as they are custom made but to
give a general idea of cost a vivarium made from oak veneer mdf measuring
5 x 3 x 2ft with toughened glass, heat lamp, lighting, full internal set up
(excluding sleeping pouches/bedding) and a storage compartment would be priced at around £450. With this type of vivarium you will not have to purchase
anything apart from substrate, pouches/bedding, possibly a cage set and enrichment toys.
With customised vivariums you have the option of deciding how much they will cost. We will discuss what your animals necessities are and from this you decide what your internal setup will consist of. 
A comprehensive quote will be given once your specifications have been finalised.
The full cost of the vivarium is payable before any work is undertaken. We do offer an easy payment scheme if required, please ask when contacting us.
The vivarium, when built, will be a heavy and bulky item so we use only trusted couriers to deliver your viv. Again there are no set prices for this service but we will give you the delivery costs with your quote.
Gift vouchers ranging from £5 - £50 are also available to help with the cost of a stunning new vivarium.
For further details or a comprehensive quote please contact us on 07724682174 or complete the form on the contact page.
All quotes include VAT and are non negotiable.
Custom Built Vivariums
Photo Gallery
  1. asdsadasdasdas
    A recess conversion measuring 7.5 x 4.5 x 3.25ft
  2. asdsadasdasdas
    Frame made from pine with added storage compartment
  3. asdsadasdasdas
    Watch your pets thrive in an enclosure that can be changed internally time and again promoting enrichment
  4. asdsadasdasdas
    Add a certain ambiance to your home as well as a large enclosure for your pets
  5. asdsadasdasdas
    An oak veneer vivarium measuring 5 x 3 x 2ft with 4mm toughened glass
  6. asdsadasdasdas
    This stylish vivarium can be made from various wood and will become the centrepiece in any room
  7. asdsadasdasdas
    All vivariums come with light and heat fitted as standard
  8. asdsadasdasdas
    The internal set up with hanging feeding station, the java wood, stealth wheel and cage set are for display purposes only
  9. asdsadasdasdas
    Spacious and airy, these well ventilated vivariums also have a storage compartment for all your pets "clutter"
  10. asdsadasdasdas
    All vivariums are supplied with remote controlled colour changing bulbs
  11. asdsadasdasdas
    The bulbs cover all colours of the rainbow
  12. asdsadasdasdas
    Red is the most frequently used colour for nocturnal pets as it does not dazzle them and some seem to be oblivious to it
  13. +
    Hanging feeding stations and shelving are also sold separately, please contact us for further details
  14. +
    Some of the pet friendly items that are used in our stunning vivariums
  15. +
    A walnut finished vivarium measuring 190 x 102 x 62 cm with heating/lighting, storage compartment and full internal set up
  16. +
    Box end vivs comprising of a left and right handed L shape, 6ft and a 4ft oblong viv
  17. +
    All our vivariums are fully assembled before being delivered by a reputable and trusted courier.
  18. +
    A natural internal set up gives the vivarium some similarities to a wild habitat
  19. +
    Our matching vivariums standing tall in our own living room
  20. +
    The lighting creates a certain ambiance that will reflect in the whole room
  21. +
    All of our vivs are hand crafted with ample ventilation for your pets


"We are so pleased with our stunning vivarium. From the date ordered we had nothing but brilliant customer service and were kept updated at every stage of the build.
The vivarium was built and delivered within two weeks. The build quality is excellent and we couldn't be happier with the whole experience and with Jon. Our gliders are very happy in their new home and we're enjoying seeing them in it. If we get another vivarium, we know where to go!
We would highly recommend Custom Built Vivariums."
Sara 13/10/15
"We are delighted with our new custom built vivarium, and so are our gliders! It's beautifully put together and looks incredibly smart as a piece of furniture, as well as being great fun for the gliders.
Jon took a lot of time and trouble to make the colour match our existing furniture. It was built and delivered within a fortnight, and Jon made sure that we knew how to look after it and kept in touch throughout the process. The after-care sheet is also very useful.
A brilliant service from start to finish, highly recommended."
Laura 15/10/15
"I ordered a large vivarium from Jon for my sugar gliders and the service throughout was absolutely amazing. I was involved in the whole process from start to finish, so I knew exactly what I was getting and when it would be arriving.
The vivarium itself is sturdy and extremely well built, as well as being a lovely piece of furniture (not at all like the standard vivs you can buy) but most importantly of all, my gliders l-o-v-e it! They were previously in another viv, but in comparison Jon's are second to none! I personally consider these to be luxury vivs, as I actually do feel like I have my own little zoo style set up which is amazing! Great for pets and their humans, so it is a winner all round in my house!
I would highly recommend Custom Built Vivariums to anyone! Thank you so much Jon!"
Kayleigh 3/11/15
"I just would like to say what a great service I received from Custom Built Vivariums, nothing was too much trouble for Jon!
We were intially looking for a cage until we discovered this site and after numerous emails and telephone calls we decided on a vivarium and we were glad that we did. The vivarium itself is extremely well built, looks impressive and has been the talking point on more than one occasion when friends have visited. The vivarium was ordered, built and delivered in under two weeks and our gliders have so much more space and fun in it. The internal set up provided meant that all we had to do was hang our pouches, put the substrate and toys in and it was ready for our pets. 
I cannot fault Jon and his company in anyway and would highly recommend them as the first place to shop when looking for a vivarium. Thanks again!"
Mark 9/11/15
"My new viv from Jon arrived yesterday all wrapped up like a big birthday present very exciting. It looks great the interior is amazing, the lighting is beautiful and the heat lamp is nice you can feel it when you open the door, my gliders will never feel cold and they will always be snug. The doors at the bottom making it very easy to clean out and big sliding doors on the top so you can get at the food station and toys very easily it is an amazing structure just perfect for gliders. A big Big Thankyou to Jon for a first class Job"

​Linda 28/02/16

"Today I received my babies beautiful vivarium which Jon Fitzgerald has kindly made me. I am completely in love with this vivarium. It's perfect and looks stunning in comparison to a lot of the usually vivariums you see within pet shops and what not. I cannot praise Jon enough for his kindness and patience, answering all my questions (all 30000 of them). If anybody is looking for a sturdy beautiful looking home for their suggies or infact any other pets, I would highly recommend Custom Built Vivariums. Jon will go out of his way to make sure your order is just right for you along with the information given. I seriously cannot praise him enough or even stress how much everyone should invest in one of these. The service is exceptional and I was kept updated every day throughout the build."

Katie 19/03/16

"I don't know really what to say apart from the viv looks great in our home, the gliders love all the extra room, the build quality of the viv is great, your customer service was excellent and we are all very happy with it"



"Thank you so much for making my gliders a beautiful, stunning new home. They absolutely love it! They spend all night running around and jumping from trellis to trellis. My friends and family are amazed at how fantastic it looks! They say it's my own zoo enclosure.

The service from Jon was fantastic. I got updates everyday when it was being made and when it got delivered it felt like Christmas. Getting it up three flights of stairs was the tricky part but it finally made it after 2 hours and boy did it look good!

Jon was amazing when trying to colour match it to my room. The ash wood finish matches it perfectly!! I would highly recommend Custom Built Vivariums to anyone. Thank you so much Jon!!"



"We contacted Jon wanting to order a vivarium for our Sugar Gliders, He guided us through the process of what we would like and the dimensions we needed. Throughout the building work we received updates and pictures of our new vivarium. When it was completed we had updates on the courier and the arrival date. However all of this became secondary when it arrived. Our vivarium was not only a stunning environment for our girls but a fantastic piece of furniture for our home.

We have happy Sugar Glider girls and happy keepers safe in the knowledge all of their needs are being met.

Thank you Jon"

The Crawford family

"Firstly the advice from Jon at CBV proved priceless. It's one things for a business to supply a product but completely another for a company to supply ongoing support and advice free of charge into the bargain! From the start Jon has pointed me in the right direction with my sugar gliders. He also went over and above to supply the vivarium as I required it urgently and despite time constraints and an already busy schedule, he managed to slot me in for a speedy delivery.

The viv is a solid piece of kit made with quality wood and fits in lovely with the rest of the home. It's fantastic for storing all our gliders treats and supplements in the storage compartment above. Most importantly my girls are so much happier here than in their previous cage and they have thrived greatly since moving into their new 'home'. Jon also supplied an after care sheet on how to care for and clean the vivarium - also great advice (I keep it attached to the side of the viv for reference!).

Overall I highly recommend Jon and Custom Built Vivariums to anyone considering a perfect home for their gliders or other pets. Fantastic and supportive service from a man with a wealth of knowledge in the sugar glider world!"


One of our vivariums has also appeared on a national paint company's website detailing the build from start to finish.
Contact Information
Address: 2b Tower Hill, Hessle
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU13 0SP
01482 792329
​8AM - 8PM

Email: [email protected]
If you have any questions or require a quote then please do not hesitate to send us a message.
We will respond within 24 hours.
Marie is the founder of the first shop in the UK which specialises in products for sugar gliders. From essential supplements to toys and treats this shop is a must for all glider owners. 
Marie is also the first colour morph sugar glider breeder in the UK who's knowledge and experience is second to none. This is clearly evident in the stunning gliders that her colony has produced.
Louise is a pouch, toy and furniture maker for vivariums and cages. Her products are made to the upmost standards and will compliment any internal set up.
Lou is the UK's second colour morph sugar glider breeder who has bred some beautiful and highly desirable gliders. Again, her knowledge and experience are unquestionable and highly regarded.
Helen is another knowledgeable  and friendly sugar glider breeder who is currently breeding mosaic and standard greys. Her enthusiasm and support with sugar gliders is clearly evident when looking for advice regarding these marsupials.
 Helen's colony has just produced adorable twin mosaics that are thriving due to her dedication and experience. 


Get a sugar glider stealth wheel & starter kit for under £70 with every vivarium purchased


15% off any accessory order when you purchase one of our vivariums

All the breeders associated with our company are highly experienced, ethical and responsible breeders who will only sell sugar gliders to homes that have done their research. First time buyers of these animals will only be sold pairs and every colour morph glider comes with FULL lineage.
Custom Built Vivariums is proud to support the ongoing need for responsible and educated breeders that have the animals welfare foremost in their programmes.